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Every pet owner wants to keep their furry friend safe and identifiable.

Here at Ember Edge Creative we have designed Toasted Tags... a durable, yet stylish pet tag which is functional and a fabulous gift for dog and cat lovers!


Double Sided Engraving

We believe your Toasted Tag should be beautiful yet informative.

On the patterned side you can have your pet's name. If you're not comfortable with your pet's name on the tag for security reasons, you can opt for alternative text such as I'm Chipped or Help! I'm Lost.  It's entirely up to you.


On the reverse the owner's contact details will be engraved and our laser engraver ensures crisp, yet deep engraving so the text is readable for a long time.


All tags are designed and made in the UK

Your Toasted Tag blank has been laser engraved in-house by us at Ember Edge Creative in South Wales


All text will be UPPERCASE as it looks better on the tag.


**Custom designs are unavailable at this time**

Celtic Tag

  • Choose from Brass or Stainless Steel

    We have used durable yet elegant 2mm brushed brass, giving a warm, classic look.

    For those who want a more contemporary feel, we have 2mm stainless steel.

    Whichever you choose, both materials are durable and rust resistant

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